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Miniature Kites
This site is dedicated to miniature kites of all kinds. You'll see small kites, tiny kites, colorful kites, simple kites, kites from Japan, kites from China, kite plans, kite kits, building tips, galleries, contests and more.
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Kites in the Classroom
Kites have a history that spans thousands of years of learning, adventure, and experimentation in aviation. Today, kites can be used in the classroom to teach a wide variety of subjects. Kites can be used as an exciting vehicle to Carry physics, mathematics, materials science, arts, crafts, and weather skyward! This web site is for teachers and kite flyers who visit classrooms and wish to use kites as a vehicle for instruction.
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Indoor Kiting
Indoor performances that merge kites, music and precise flying techniques make this a fascinating show of accuracy and tricks that takes performance art to new heights.
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Kite Art
Here is a display of artistic kites built in a variety of sizes and materials by New England Kite Artist Glenn Davison
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